Compatible Devices

Below is a list of devices tested by Datacap and certified to work with Datacap’s hardware and software. More devices are in certification and queued for release!

EMV Devices

Click on a device name to view parts, order information, and processor-specific SecureDevice IDs.

Integrators should use the GetDevicesInfo () method to generate/confirm Secure Device IDs for each device.

Non-EMV Devices

Click the “Device” header below to sort devices in alphabetical order.

DeviceType SecureDevice IDInterfaces
Equinox L5200 PIN Pad EQUINOXL5200Windows
Equinox L5200 w/ Mercury E2E Encryption PIN Pad EQUINOXL5200_MERCURY_E2EWindows
Equinox L5300 PIN Pad EQUINOXL5300Windows
Equinox L5300 w/ Mercury E2E Encryption PIN Pad EQUINOXL5300_MERCURY_E2EWindows
Ingenico iPP320PIN PadINGENICOIPP320Windows
Ingenico iPP320 w/ Mercury E2E EncryptionPIN PadINGENICOIPP320_MERCURY_E2EWindows
Ingenico iPP320 w/ Heartland Voltage EncryptionPIN PadINGENICOIPP320_HEARTLAND_VOLTWindows
Ingenico iPP320 w/ TSYS Voltage EncryptionPIN PadINGENICOIPP320_TSYS_VOLTWindows
Ingenico iPP320 w/ TDES DUKPT P2PE for First DataPIN PadINGENICOIPP320_RAPIDCONNECT_E2EWindows
Ingenico iPP350 PIN Pad INGENICOIPP350Windows
Ingenico iPP350 w/ Mercury E2E EncryptionPIN PadINGENICOIPP350_MERCURY_E2EWindows
Ingenico iPP350 w/ Heartland Voltage EncryptionPIN PadINGENICOIPP350_HEARTLAND_VOLTWindows
Ingenico iPP350 w/ TSYS Voltage EncryptionPIN PadINGENICOIPP350_TSYS_VOLTWindows
Ingenico iPP350 w/ TDES DUKPT P2PE for First DataPIN PadINGENICOIPP350_RAPIDCONNECT_E2EWindows
Ingenico iSC250 PIN Pad INGENICOISC250Windows iOS Serial
Ingenico iSC250 w/ Heartland Voltage Encryption PIN Pad INGENICOISC250_HEARTLAND_VOLTWindows iOS Serial
Ingenico iSC250 w/ TSYS Voltage Encryption PIN Pad INGENICOISC250_TSYS_VOLTWindows iOS Serial
Ingenico iSC250 w/ Mercury E2E Encryption PIN Pad INGENICOISC250_MERCURY_E2EWindows iOS Serial
Ingenico iSC250 w/ TDES DUKPT P2PE for First Data PIN Pad INGENICOISC250_RAPIDCONNECT_E2EWindows iOS