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Equinox L5300

The L5300, from Equinox Payments, is a sleek, ultra-durable, feature rich customer facing PIN pad designed for multi-lane and high-volume retailers. It features a 5.7” full-color, brilliantly crisp interactive multimedia display, signature capture, integrated keypad with side lighting, audio speaker
and audio port. The L5300 is EMV, contactless and NFC capable. It connects via USB or Serial.

The L5300 is available from select distributors today with a version of FPE that is EMV-ready.

Here’s what you’ll need to order:

    1. Equinox L5300 (010368-612E)

    2. Serial Cable (810408-002)

    3. USB Cable (810371-001)

    4. Power Cable (810003-007; Required for both)

    5. Power Supply (870066-004; Required for both)

    6. FPE Application (See Chart Below)

    7. Debit Key Injection (Key provided by processor/loaded by distributor)

    8. Encryption Key (see chart below)

    9. Datacap Forms Package

Equinox L5300

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Distribution Partners

Equinox L5300 PIN Pads can also be ordered from the distributors below – these distributors currently have access to the EMV-enabled version of FPE for the L5300, allowing for an EMV-ready installation.

The L5300 is US EMV certified with the following Processors and Datacap products today:



Cygnus Payments





FIS Worldpay


Processor-Specific Secure Device IDs

ProcessorApplication LoadEncryption KeySecureDeviceID
Encrypted (recommended)Non-Encrypted
Worldpay Integrated Payments (Mercury)FPE 7U584Mercury TDES/DUKPTEMV_L5300_MERCURYN/A
ProcessorApplication LoadEncryption KeySecureDeviceID
Encrypted (recommended)Non-Encrypted
Worldpay Integrated Payments (Mercury)FPE 7U584Mercury TDES/DUKPTEQUINOXL5300_MERCURY_E2EEQUINOXL5300

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