Holiday Shopper on Phone

A Profile of Holiday Omnichannel Shopping

Creating customer experiences that delight shoppers is ordinarily an objective for retailers, but it reaches the status of “mission-critical” during the holiday shopping season. From November through early January, shoppers are out in force, looking for the merchandise they need

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Holiday shoppers

2019 Holiday Shopping Outlook

A late Thanksgiving is bound to make the 2019 holiday shopping season interesting. The last time the span from Black Friday to Christmas was this short was 2013, when retailers opened stores on Thanksgiving for the first time, extended Black

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Modern Grocery Trends Require Modern Technology

Businesses in all verticals and niches are adapting to technology disruption, new industry trends, and changing consumer preferences. Businesses in the grocery industry, however, are evolving into models that few anticipated a decade or two ago.  Some have dine-in cafes.

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Healthcare payments

How to Help Physicians Collect Healthcare Payments from Patients

Healthcare providers are facing monumental challenges. Healthcare organizations must address mounting regulatory requirements, finding ways to efficiently address data management, training, audits, and how they will respond if a data breaches or noncompliance issue occurs. They’re also dealing with technology

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Gen Z

How Gen Z Consumer Trends Are Impacting Payments

Generation Z, people born from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, is emerging as the next consumer force. The oldest of the 68 million Americans who are part of Gen Z are now completing their education, entering the workforce, and building

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