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More clients are trying to connect to NETePay (or Tran/TranCloud) than the license allows. The number of lanes is specified in the PSCS Deployment. In some cases, this error occurs when an existing client/device appears to be new; sometimes the case of a Windows update, for example. Resolution: Confirm that the number of lanes is […]

ePay Administrator 5.00

Note: NETePay Hosted users would use Datacap’s Reporting Dashboard for omnichannel reporting and to diagnose transaction errors. ePay admin is a diagnostic tool used for testing local reporting and batch close functions for legacy, “terminal-based” versions of NETePay that require a local database. ePay Administrator has various functions for local batch management. This includes: Batch […]

How to Configure NETePay Director installs

Note: NETePay Director is available on on NETePay 5.07.20 or above When you build a NETePay file that supports auto-updates via PSCS™, you’ll be prompted to download a “NETePay Director” application. Once installed, you’ll be prompted for your deployment ID (provided by PSCS), which then automatically pulls down the corresponding version of NETePay from our […]

How to increase NETePay Contactless limits

In response to COVID-19, Visa, MasterCard and American Express have increased the limit (from $100 to $250) on contactless transactions in Canada in order to reduce the need to handle POS devices. The process to update contactless limits varies based on the processor.  Follow the instructions below for the following NETePay versions: NETePay Paymentech Canadian […]


Error: INVLD DATA 002 is a processor error, most notably First Data, when manually closing a batch. This error occurs because there is a corrupt transaction located in the batch or by upgrading a deployment without first closing the batch. Resolution: If caused due to a corrupt transaction in the batch: Contact the processor to […]

How to change NETePay Parameters

You may need to update parameters on your NETePay/GIFTePay applications. See the two methods below for how to change parameters using the classic installation method or the Director method.

NAK Error from PIN Pad

NAK errors occur between the client (dsiEMVUS) and the PIN pad. A NAK error means the PIN pad negatively acknowledged a command from dsiEMVUS or dsiEMVUS did not understand the response returned from the PIN pad.