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ePay Administrator 5.00

ePay admin is a diagnostic tool used for testing local reporting and batch close functions for legacy, “terminal-based” versions of NETePay that require a local database.

ePay Administrator has various functions for local batch management. This includes:

  • Batch settlement
  • Changing batch number
  • Clearing a batch
  • Deleting held transactions

You can view the Batch Record Details by selecting View > Batch Report View. This will include all card types, card count, sales total, returns total, and net total for all transactions within the batch. 

ePay Admin dialog box

Additionally, ePay Administrator may be used to manually process a transaction by keying in the account details shown in the below screenshot. Once those values are keyed, select Process to authorize the transaction (Required fields are Account No, Exp. Date, Transaction Type, Reference No. and Amount). Once authorized successfully, the response box will show the transaction response status (i.e. “Approved”). After the transaction is completed, you can select new transaction to reset all parameters to default.

ePay Admin dialog box
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 Pro / 8 Pro / 7 Pro / Vista Pro / XP Pro

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