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How to Configure NETePay Director installs

When you build a NETePay file that supports auto-updates via PSCS™, you’ll be prompted to download a “NETePay Director” application. Once installed, you’ll be prompted for your deployment ID (provided by PSCS), which then automatically pulls down the corresponding version of NETePay from our download site and runs it as a service on the PC.

Go-forward updates are as simple as logging in to PSCS and making the change. Software updates automatically on site without intervention.

New NETePay Installation Process

Follow the steps below to obtain new serial numbers:

1 Right-click on NETePay Manager (from system tray) – Left-click on Software Deactivation


2 After this is complete, Right-click on NETePay Manager – Left-click on Software Activation


3 Click Obtain New Serial Number and follow prompts to enter Deployment ID

4 Enter Deployment ID

5 Run a Test Transaction

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