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NETePay™ Install Process

  1. Create Deployment via PSCS™

  2. Download Client Controls

  3. Download and Configure NETePay

  4. Run a Test Transaction

Create Deployment via PSCS

PSCS is Datacap’s product configuration portal. In order to create deployment IDs, you need to be an authorized Datacap Reseller. After you log-in to PSCS follow the steps below to create a deployment ID.

1 Select “Create Stage File”.

Create Stage File

2 Select “ePay”.

3 Select network application.

NEtwork App

4 Input Merchant Information.

Merchant Info

5 Save Deployment and Activate NETePay.

Save and Activate

6 Review Order Details.

7 Select “Place Order”.

8 For purchased accounts, input your payment information to purchase NETePay.


Download Client

Download Client Control via

Download and Configure NETePay

Download NETePay via (see NETePay 5 Director)

Use your deployment ID from above to configure NETePay. Once installed, you’ll be prompted for your deployment ID (provided by PSCS above), which then automatically pulls down the corresponding version of NETePay from our download site and runs it as a service on the PC.

Once NETePay (via the Director) is installed, go-forward updates are as simple as logging in to PSCS and making the change. Software updates automatically on site without intervention.

Run a test transaction

Before accepting real transactions, be sure to run test transactions and confirm with your processor that the funds were received successfully.

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