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How to set up a unique Deployment ID for each Point of Sale workstation

The standard Datacap NETePay installation utilizes a client/server architecture that requires a single instance of NETePay to be installed on a back office PC or master terminal. All transaction requests flow through Datacap client controls to the instance of NETePay which forwards to the merchant’s choice of payment processor for processing. For Point of Sale partners that prefer to install a unique instance of NETePay at each Point of Sale workstation (lanes) due to POS architecture requirements or for redundancy, PSCS allows for this as part of the initial merchant file build using standard per-lane pricing.

With this option, multiple (fixed) lanes will be treated as separate software installations, each with a single lane running. The first installation will be activated using the deployment identifier, as normal, additional installations will be activated using modified deployment IDs with extensions _$1, _$2, etc., depending on the number of fixed lanes chosen in the base deployment. These Deployment IDs will be listed on the confirmation screen once the stage file is activated.

Because each NETePay (lane) will now be communicating with the processor independently, some merchant parameter fields will require alternate values for the additional lanes. These values will vary based on the selected payment processing platform. Once the option is selected, additional fields will appear based on the number of fixed lanes after the user clicks Continue”.

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