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More clients are trying to connect to NETePay (or Tran/TranCloud) than the license allows. The number of lanes is specified in the PSCS Deployment. In some cases, this error occurs when an existing client/device appears to be new; sometimes the case of a Windows update, for example.


Confirm that the number of lanes is accurately reflected in the PSCS Deployment

    • If more lanes need to be added, make the necessary edits
      • Restart NETePay (or power cycle the Tran/TranCloud device) to pull down the update.

    • If the lane count is accurate, the client registrations need to be cleared
      • Restart or Reload NETePay (or power cycle the Tran/TranCloud device) to clear the registrations and set the counter back to 0. This will count each new client/device in-use, up until the licensed amount.

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