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Contactless Options for Verifone VX 805 PIN pads running XPI 8.42b

Due to the card brands’ discontinued support of MSD (magnetic stripe data) contactless transactions, merchants who are currently accepting NFC/Contactless transactions (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.,) on early versions of the Verifone VX 805 that were certified prior to the availability of EMV contactless support in the US will need to take action to avoid merchant fines.

This EMV Contactless mandate requires that all EMV-enabled terminals support EMV contactless instead of MSD contactless transactions. More info from the US Payments Forum pertaining to contactless requirements can be found here. Merchants running the original Verifone VX 805’s (XPI 8.42b) will need to make a change.

Merchants using original VX 805s have three options:

  1. Continue processing contactless transactions as-is and hope to avoid fines. MSD contactless transactions will eventually start to auto-decline as card brands identify and reject them (NOT RECOMMENDED)

  2. Upgrade to a PIN Pad that supports EMV contactless:
  3. Use this alternative dsiEMVUS 1.42 that disables all contactless functionality for VX 805 PIN pads

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