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What you need to know about the new NETePay deployment-swap process

What is a NETePay deployment-swap? NETePay deployment swaps occur when transferring an active NETePay license (deployment ID) from one computer/device to another. Common use cases include hardware failure and machine upgrades.  What’s new? In an on-going effort to improve platform security for our partners and their merchants, an e-mail confirmation is now required for the […]

How to Configure NETePay Director installs

Note: NETePay Director is available on on NETePay 5.07.20 or above When you build a NETePay file that supports auto-updates via PSCS™, you’ll be prompted to download a “NETePay Director” application. Once installed, you’ll be prompted for your deployment ID (provided by PSCS), which then automatically pulls down the corresponding version of NETePay from our […]

greenbox Robotics and Erba Collective

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Erba Collective is one of Los Angeles’ most beloved dispensaries. Erba prides themselves on craft cannabis with an emphasis on sustainable and organic growing techniques. Looking to reduce wait times and increase customer turnover, Erba decided to partner with greenbox Robotics and Datacap to deliver a seamless unattended kiosk with integrated payments.

Incremental Authorizations for Bar Tabs

bar tabs

Datacap’s integrated Point of Sale partners can now support incremental authorizations! Incremental authorizations are used to make ongoing increases to the original authorized transaction amount without the presence of the payment card.

Cicis and Datapoint POS

Cicis is an American buffet restaurant chain based in Irving, Texas, specializing in pizza. Looking to accept EMV Chip cards & solve franchise and security compliance concerns, Cicis turned to Datapoint POS and Datacap to deliver an ideal payments solution.

How to change NETePay Parameters

You may need to update parameters on your NETePay/GIFTePay applications. See the two methods below for how to change parameters using the classic installation method or the Director method.