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Incremental Authorizations for Bar Tabs

Datacap’s integrated Point of Sale partners can now support incremental authorizations! Incremental authorizations are used to make ongoing increases to the original authorized transaction amount without the presence of the payment card. They can be used to add to an existing transaction or to allow for a revised estimate of what the cardholder may spend. These revisions represent additions to previously authorized amounts and do not replace the original authorization.

 Incremental Auth/ Bar Tabs

Previously, incremental auth support was only allowed for car rental and lodging merchants, but the card brands have recently allowed bar/restaurants to support incremental authorizations for a cleaner way to support tabs without requiring that the merchant hold the customer’s card.

Now that incremental auth is being made available by processing hosts, Datacap is universally certifying incremental authorizations for bars/restaurants as part of go-forward processor re-certifications.

Today, this includes Heartland Payments and Worldpay IP (formerly Mercury/Vantiv). More certifications will be following in early 2019.

Check out Datacap’s dev portal to learn how to simply and quickly implement incremental auth support for bar tabs and other new features from Datacap!