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Cicis first opened in 1985 as a single restaurant in Plano, Texas. Today Cicis has over 450 restaurants in 35 states. Cicis invented the unlimited pizza buffet, and since the beginning has pushed the limits of eating out by saying “yes” to individual tastes and empowering their guests to find the flavors they love. Cicis has won numerous awards and has also been named one of the top 25 performing brands by The Wall Street Journal and a top 200 franchise concept by Franchise Today.

Datapoint POS, founded over 20 years ago, specializes in custom software design for franchises and independents who have their own unique operational requirements. Datapoint POS notable clients include large national franchises such as Subway, Cicis, TCBY and Orion food systems.

Datacap Systems develops processor and hardware-agnostic innovative integrated payment solutions for any Point of Sale, regardless of system architecture. Industry-standard payment solutions from Datacap are utilized by hundreds of POS applications in an array of vertical markets.


Cicis sought a Point of Sale solution that could encrypt patrons’ credit card data via various card entry device options that accept EMV/Chip cards & NFC contactless transactions (for their franchises’ compliance requirements). “We wanted a high level of security but also wanted the transaction integrated into our POS to eliminate users entering the incorrect amount or any errors for that matter” said Ken English, Strategic Partner (franchise owner) at multiple Cicis locations.

They also needed to be able to accommodate their current processor, while allowing Franchisees the flexibility to move between various payment processor options. So, Cicis turned to Datapoint POS and Datacap.


Datapoint POS in action at Cicis.Cicis utilizes Datapoint POS with Datacap’s NETePay™ software alongside the Ingenico iPP 320 PIN pad and the POS-X TP5/TP6 touchscreen. There are currently over a hundred Cicis’ locations that have upgraded their payments with more in the pipeline.

Datapoint POS allows Cicis to easily manage day-to-day operations, generate reports and manage inventory with their intuitive management tools. “Datapoint POS’ product was easier to use and more intuitive than competitors” said Ken English. Datapoint POS continues to evolve to adapt to the ever-changing payments landscape. Ken continued “Datapoint POS continually updates, fixes and improves their system, allowing us to accept emerging payment types such as ApplePay and GooglePay.”

Datacap’s NETePay uses processor-proprietary encryption to secure credit card data at the point of interaction and then routes that data directly to the credit card processor, completely isolating Cicis and Datapoint from having to interact with encrypted credit card data.

Datacap’s one-to-many interfaces support dozens of plug and play EMV-ready devices and access to all credit card processors. This allowed Cicis to maintain their current relationship with Heartland, while opening the door to develop relationships with other processing partners in the future.

Ingenico’s iPP 320 PIN pad accepts multiple payment types including NFC contactless, EMV chip & magstripe transactions. As a PCI PTS 4.x certified solution, the iPP 320 ensures secure data and application management and enables highly secured electronic transactions.  


“We love Datapoint’s Point of Sale and the current setup. We’d recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade or switch to another Point of Sale.” said Ken. He continued, “Datapoint POS had a leg up on the other systems. Not only was their system easy-to-use, but they were also very receptive to our needs and requests.”

“By using Datacap’s NETePay integrated to our POS, we are able to provide an ultra-secure solution that accepts modern payment methods to broaden Cicis’ payment offerings and reduce the PCI administration burden. A win for both Cicis and their customers.” said David De Coursy, Vice President Research & Development at Datapoint POS.

As Cicis continues to open new franchise locations, be sure to grab a slice or two of your favorite pizza and check out the latest payments tech.