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How to modify screen timeout on PAX terminals

PAX PIN pads may enter sleep mode or experience a screen timeout while the device is not actively in use, which could interrupt communication with the POS system. Follow the steps below to modify the screen timeout / sleep settings on PAX terminals: 1 Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. On some PAX […]

Worldpay (TCMP) Certificate Updates

In Q1, 2024 Worldpay TCMP (Lynk) will be moving to a new SSL certificate as their current solution via Digicert will expire. Their new certificate partner will be Sectigo which should be available in current Windows releases. For Tran users, we have built a new application to include the Sectigo SSL certificate. An application upgrade […]

Updates for Legacy Fiserv Platforms

Fiserv (First Data) notified Datacap of updated messaging requirements for use with their older platforms – not including the RapidConnect gateway.  Deployments on the RapidConnect Gateway are unaffected. But for Deployments communicating directly to Nashville, Buypass, or Cardnet, new application versions have been released to align with Fiserv protocols. What do I need to do? […]

DC Direct PAX Standalone Quick Reference Guide

Table of Contents Login to DC Direct standalone 1 DC Direct standalone should be open in the foreground. If it’s not, open the DC Direct app from the Android Desktop. 2 The default username is “dcdirect”. The “dcdirect” password can be changed in PSCS. Unless otherwise specified, proceed without a password. Credit / Debit Sale […]

PSCS Deployment Stages

DC Direct Staged – The deployment was built and is not associated with a DC Direct device serial number. Activated – The deployment was purchased and is associated to the DC Direct device serial number. Deactivated – The deployment was terminated and disassociated from current DC Direct device serial number. Deactivated deployments are not billable […]

How to side load apps on PAX devices

For Debug PAX devices: 1 Ensure developer options are enabled. The password for the dev settings is “Dev9876@@”. (Configure on-device developer options | Android Developers) 2 Enable USB Debugging if the option is available (some devices don’t have this setting) If the device does not appear as a mounted drive, or is an A35, skip […]

Installing the Verifone Driver

Prior to connecting a Verifone device, the Verifone driver will have to be installed on your PC. The driver is available for download here and is located under “Device Drivers” (Verifone Unified Driver).  Follow the instructions below for installing the Verifone Driver: 1 Disconnect the Verifone device from your PC. 2 Download the Verifone Driver […]

How to configure the PIN Pad reboot time

Pin Pad Reboot time is a setting that initiates a reboot of the pin pad daily at a set time. This occurs every 24 hours in order to meet PCI V4 compliance standards. By default, this is set to 4AM local time and may be modified using a supported POS or our EMV US Client […]

How to change default passwords on DC Direct PAX devices

DC Direct PAX devices use “System” and “PXRetailer Setup” passwords. The “System” password is used to exit PXRetailer/access the Android Desktop and device settings, etc. The “PXRetailer Setup” password is used to access the setup menu for PXRetailer, where you can change communication interfaces, etc. POS providers and merchants have the ability to change the […]

CVM EMV Contactless Settings

The Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) determines what is required of the cardholder during a sale to authenticate their identity. See CVM Fields on PSCS to learn generally about CVM settings and how they apply to certain scenarios. To encourage the use of contactless payments (due to ease and speed), typically low-cost sales via NFC do […]