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CRS and DC Direct Reference Guide

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What is DC Direct?

DC Direct is a new integration method that eliminates the need for Tran hardware. Instead, the payment application runs directly on the PIN Pad. 

Compatible with: Sam4POS Android  

What PIN Pad Models Can be Used?

DC Direct relies on a Cloud connection requiring either Ethernet or WiFi communication. Serial (RS232) and USB are not supported.  

Ingenico TETRA

Coming soon: Ingenico AXIUM line of devices (Ingenico’s Android replacement to TETRA)

Recommendation: The Android terminals include a nicer user experience and allow for additional flexibility and features. 

What does DC Direct cost?

DC Direct is not available for purchase(break/fix), only SaaS. It can be billed in monthly installments (contract required) or a prepaid annual license. Datacap does not have billing relationships with the merchant. Instead, Datacap bills the dealer at wholesale cost. Certain acquirers have programs in which they will manage the billing on behalf of the dealer. Please contact Datacap for recommendations. 

What do I need to tell the ISO?

  • Merchant should be boarded with Datacap listed as the payment solution
  • No E2E encryption or tokens required (DC Direct utilizes Datacap-specific tokens/encryption)
    • A PIN Key is still needed if supporting PIN Debit transactions

How do I get DC Direct?

Dealers will need to independently order the PIN Pads and also build the corresponding Deployment in Datacap’s PSCS onboarding portal. 

    • Obtain VAR Sheet from ISO 
    • Dealer will enter VAR Sheet credentials into PSCS portal to create the Deployment ID
      • Dealer will also need to enter the PIN Pad Serial number into the Deployment to finalize activation of the Deployment 

How Do I Order the Devices?

DC Direct loads are available at most standard distributors (Key Injection Facilities). 

Ingenico Ordering Instructions:

  1. PIN Debit Key injected into Slot 0 (PIN Key provided by merchant’s ISO) 
  2. Datacap NETePay Hosted E2E Key injected into Slot 4 
  3. Ethernet Connection 
  4. DC Direct Config 

PAX Ordering Instructions: 

  1. PIN Debit Key injected into Slot 1 (PIN Key provided by merchant’s ISO) 
  2. Datacap NETePay Hosted E2E Key injected into Slot 2 
  3. Datacap ECN – ECN240595 
  4. DC Direct Config 

How Do I setup DC Direct?

Check Datacap’s DC Direct install guide for step-by-step instructions for each supported PIN pad model. See PAX A3700 example below:

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