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How to set up Google Pay in Production

Follow the steps below to setup your merchants once you’ve completed the Google Pay Datacap integration. The following steps are required to obtain a valid Google Pay business ID to enable Google Pay on your merchant’s website or hosted checkout page. Google requires screenshots that show how the Google Pay button is presented on the checkout page to validate the style guidelines outlined by Google. Use Datacap’s cert environment to test Google Pay and take screenshots that you can submit as part of the web integration. Without a valid Google Pay business ID, the merchant will not be able to utilize the Google Pay button or accept payments via Google Pay.

1 Complete the web integration (requires Google approval). To access the web integration, log into the Google Pay & Wallet console using your gmail.

Google Pay Web console

2 Select Datacap as the PSP (Payment Service Provider). See the integration type dropdown.

Google Pay console

3 Submit for Approval.

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