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How to set up Google Pay in Production

Follow the steps below to setup your merchants once you’ve completed the Google Pay Datacap integration. The following steps are required to obtain a valid Google Pay business ID to enable Google Pay on your merchant’s website or hosted checkout page. Google requires screenshots that show how the Google Pay button is presented on the […]


“SERV NOT ALLOWED:512” is a general error that applies to the TransArmor settings for a Fiserv (First Data) account. Through Datacap’s NETePay Hosted platform, a Universal End-to-End Encryption PAN key is available such that the same key can be used with any supported backend processor. But when using Datacap’s “classic” implementations, End-to-End Encryption is unique […]

Not Certified for Kernel (083800)

When certifying Ingenico PIN Pads to a processor, a particular EMV Kernel is used. For Ingenico TETRA devices, this kernel is wrapped within the UPP application. Currently supported UPP applications can be found in Datacap’s Compatible Devices. For new devices, there are 2 potential causes for this error; A non-supported (uncertified) version of UPP is […]

Batch Close Summary

Traditionally in a restaurant environment, credit card batches were stored locally to allow for adjustments (tips) prior to being submitted to the processor. Since 2015 and the EMV Liability Shift, processors more commonly allowed for adjustments to be made to transactions stored on their host. This reduced the risk for merchants who were storing a […]

CRS and DC Direct Reference Guide

Download PDF Version What is DC Direct? DC Direct is a new integration method that eliminates the need for Tran hardware. Instead, the payment application runs directly on the PIN Pad.  Compatible with: Sam4POS Android   What PIN Pad Models Can be Used? DC Direct relies on a Cloud connection requiring either Ethernet or WiFi communication. […]

How to turn on screen rotation on the PAX A3700

The PAX A3700 connects to the PAX Elys Workstation in two orientations (right-side up and upside down). To ensure the screen rotates according to the orientation used, follow the steps below: 1 Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. 2 Touch the back key ◁ twice. Welcome screen on PAX A3700 3 When prompted […]

How to modify screen timeout on PAX terminals

PAX PIN pads may enter sleep mode or experience a screen timeout while the device is not actively in use, which could interrupt communication with the POS system. Follow the steps below to modify the screen timeout / sleep settings on PAX terminals: 1 Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. On some PAX […]

Worldpay (TCMP) Certificate Updates

In Q1, 2024 Worldpay TCMP (Lynk) will be moving to a new SSL certificate as their current solution via Digicert will expire. Their new certificate partner will be Sectigo which should be available in current Windows releases. For Tran users, we have built a new application to include the Sectigo SSL certificate. An application upgrade […]

Updates for Legacy Fiserv Platforms

Fiserv (First Data) notified Datacap of updated messaging requirements for use with their older platforms – not including the RapidConnect gateway.  Deployments on the RapidConnect Gateway are unaffected. But for Deployments communicating directly to Nashville, Buypass, or Cardnet, new application versions have been released to align with Fiserv protocols. What do I need to do? […]

DC Direct PAX Standalone Quick Reference Guide

Table of Contents Login to DC Direct standalone 1 DC Direct standalone should be open in the foreground. If it’s not, open the DC Direct app from the Android Desktop. 2 The default username is “dcdirect”. The “dcdirect” password can be changed in PSCS. Unless otherwise specified, proceed without a password. Credit / Debit Sale […]