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PSCS Deployment Stages

DC Direct Staged – The deployment was built and is not associated with a DC Direct device serial number. Activated – The deployment was purchased and is associated to the DC Direct device serial number. Deactivated – The deployment was terminated and disassociated from current DC Direct device serial number. Deactivated deployments are not billable […]

CVM EMV Contactless Settings

The Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) determines what is required of the cardholder during a sale to authenticate their identity. See CVM Fields on PSCS to learn generally about CVM settings and how they apply to certain scenarios. To encourage the use of contactless payments (due to ease and speed), typically low-cost sales via NFC do […]

What you need to know about the new NETePay deployment-swap process

What is a NETePay deployment-swap? NETePay deployment swaps occur when transferring an active NETePay license (deployment ID) from one computer/device to another. Common use cases include hardware failure and machine upgrades.  What’s new? In an on-going effort to improve platform security for our partners and their merchants, an e-mail confirmation is now required for the […]

How to Pause Deployments in PSCS

Pause Deployments To pause a deployment which stops both billing and processing, click on “Deactivate unit” from the main menu. Search for the deployment(s) that you’d like to pause by using our multi-field search or select “view all”.  Note: Ensure that any open batches are closed before de-activating Select a deployment and click “Ok”. Paused […]

EMV Support fields in PSCS

In PSCS, you may have noticed that we have multiple EMV support options. See below to learn about each option and which one you should select when building a file. Credit Only – This option will run all cards with the card’s credit application. This option is best for sit-down restaurants and other businesses without […]

CVM Fields on PSCS

There are four options for EMV Cardholder Verification in PSCS. Here’s what you need to know about them.