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EMV Support fields in PSCS

In PSCS, you may have noticed that we have multiple EMV support options. See below to learn about each option and which one you should select when building a file.

PSCS Credit Only

Credit Only – This option will run all cards with the card’s credit application. This option is best for sit-down restaurants and other businesses without customer-facing PIN pads.

Credit and Swiped PIN Debit PSCS

Credit and Swiped PIN Debit – This is an original option from before wide support for EMV Debit was available. It runs all chip cards as credit and prompts for “Debit/Credit” on swiped cards.

Credit and Debit

Credit and Debit – This option will make the PIN pad prompt the customer for an application selection (usually “Debit Y/N” or “VISA Debit / US Debit”) if the EMV card has a debit application. If it’s a card without a debit application, it will run as credit.

Credit and Debit – Prefer Debit – Any EMV card that has a debit application will automatically select that application. EMV cards without a debit application will run as credit.

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