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How to Create Additional Users in PSCS

What types of Accounts can I create in PSCS?

Each PSCS user can create sub-accounts or read-only accounts. Sub-accounts grant users full permissions while read-only accounts prohibit users from placing orders or making changes.

When should I create a Sub-Account?

Datacap recommends that each PSCS user take advantage of individual login credentials as a best practice. Multi-Factor Authentication creates an additional layer of security, but is not conducive to shared inboxes. Merchant information in PSCS is sensitive; logins should NOT be shared with anyone outside of your organization.

How do I create a Sub-Account?

1 From the main menu in PSCS, click on "Manage Special Accounts".

Master Account Menu

2Click on the "Create Sub Acct" or "Create RO Acct." (for read-only accounts) button.

3Enter and save employees' credentials.

Sub Account Credentials

How to Manage Users

The primary (or Master) account holder manages all sub-accounts and read-only accounts. 

1 From the "Special Account Management" menu, click on "Manage Sub Accts." or "Manage RO Accts." (for read-only accounts).

Manage Sub Accounts

2 Here you can delete users or reset passwords for your sub-accounts or read-only accounts.

Sub Account User List

What if I don't have the “Manage Special Accounts” button?

Only the primary (or Master) account holder has the ability to create Sub-Accounts. If you don’t see the “Manage Special Accounts” button, then you yourself have a Sub-Account. Please e-mail Datacap Support ( if you don’t know who your company’s primary account holder is.

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