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Batch Close Summary

Traditionally in a restaurant environment, credit card batches were stored locally to allow for adjustments (tips) prior to being submitted to the processor. Since 2015 and the EMV Liability Shift, processors more commonly allowed for adjustments to be made to transactions stored on their host. This reduced the risk for merchants who were storing a […]

Error: Not Completed 201 (TSYS)

Declined response returned by TSYS when attempting to modify a previous transaction. Resolution: If returned when attempting to add a tip Verify with processor batch had not been automatically closed prior to adding tip Values returned in response from initial transaction were not included in follow up adjust request to locate transaction to add tip […]

How to verify Datacap Client Control versions

Follow the steps below to verify Datacap client control versions. We recommend updating to the latest version of our client controls by visiting our download site. 1 In the C:\ drive, select the Windows folder 2 Select DatacapControls 3 Right click on the specific client control (dsiEMVX.ocx, dsiPDCX.ocx) 4 Select “Properties” 5 Select “Details” 6 […]

NAK Error from PIN Pad

NAK errors occur between the client (dsiEMVUS) and the PIN pad. A NAK error means the PIN pad negatively acknowledged a command from dsiEMVUS or dsiEMVUS did not understand the response returned from the PIN pad.

Installing the Ingenico Driver

Prior to connecting an Ingenico device, the Ingenico driver will have to be installed on your PC. The driver is available for download here and is located under “Device Drivers” (Ingenico Telium 2 Line). 

Ingenico iSC 250 Screen Calibration

Some Ingenico iSC Touch 250 PIN pads may experience touchscreen alignment problems which make signing with the pen or pressing buttons with your finger difficult.