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How to enable NFC contactless on Ingenico PIN Pads

1 During the boot cycle when the pad displays the RBA version (splash screen), key in 2-6-3-4-enter. Then press the F key.

iSC 250 Splash Screen
Splash Screen on Ingenico iSC Touch 250
iPP 320 Splash screen
Splash Screen on Ingenico iPP 320

2 Select the Telium Manager option.

3 Select initialization.

4 Select Parameters.

5 Select Contactless.

6 Select “Yes”.

7 Select “Internal” and then the Enter key.

8 Some Ingenico PIN Pads may require you to hit the red X key 3 times to prompt you to save and reboot the PIN Pad. At this point, all settings are saved. Reboot the PIN Pad and run a test NFC transaction.

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