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How to turn on screen rotation on the PAX A3700

The PAX A3700 connects to the PAX Elys Workstation in two orientations (right-side up and upside down). To ensure the screen rotates according to the orientation used, follow the steps below: 1 Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. 2 Touch the back key ◁ twice. Welcome screen on PAX A3700 3 When prompted […]

How to modify screen timeout on PAX terminals

PAX PIN pads may enter sleep mode or experience a screen timeout while the device is not actively in use, which could interrupt communication with the POS system. Follow the steps below to modify the screen timeout / sleep settings on PAX terminals: 1 Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. On some PAX […]

Applestone Solutions and Bingham’s Meats

Applestone and Bingham's Custom Meats

Bingham’s Custom Meats is known for their Bacon Bombs, Bacon Kebabs and over 50 flavors of Brats. Looking for a revolutionary vending solution for their famous meats, Bingham’s decided to partner with Applestone Solutions and Datacap to deliver convenience and wider product availability for their customers.

POSitive Technology and White House Gifts

White House Gifts sells White House, Presidential, Diplomatic, and United States Military memorabilia. Looking to modernize their retail checkout experience, WHGS decided to partner with POSitive Technology and Datacap to deliver a seamless checkout experience for their customers.

DC Direct PAX Standalone Quick Reference Guide

Table of Contents Login to DC Direct standalone 1 DC Direct standalone should be open in the foreground. If it’s not, open the DC Direct app from the Android Desktop. 2 The default username is “dcdirect”. The “dcdirect” password can be changed in PSCS. Unless otherwise specified, proceed without a password. Credit / Debit Sale […]

How to change default passwords on DC Direct PAX devices

DC Direct PAX devices use “System” and “PXRetailer Setup” passwords. The “System” password is used to exit PXRetailer/access the Android Desktop and device settings, etc. The “PXRetailer Setup” password is used to access the setup menu for PXRetailer, where you can change communication interfaces, etc. POS providers and merchants have the ability to change the […]