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How to change default passwords on DC Direct PAX devices

DC Direct PAX devices use “System” and “PXRetailer Setup” passwords. The “System” password is used to exit PXRetailer/access the Android Desktop and device settings, etc. The “PXRetailer Setup” password is used to access the setup menu for PXRetailer, where you can change communication interfaces, etc.

POS providers and merchants have the ability to change the default passwords (set by PAX or the device distributor) for security purposes. See instructions below for how to change the System and PXRetailer Setup default passwords.

System Password

1 Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

2 Touch the back key twice.

Back Arrow

3 When prompted for Back Desktop password type the default password,"pax9876@@". Touch "Enter".

Note: “123456” may work on some devices as some default passwords may vary. For EVO Snap devices, use “EVO72963687” for the default password. 

Back Desktop

4 Open the Settings app from the Android Desktop. Enter the default password from step 3.

Pax Desktop
Please Input password

5 Tap/Select “System”.

6 Tap/Select “Password” > "Modify Password".


7 Enter the existing password, followed by the password you wish to replace it with and press "OK".

New Password
Set Password Success

PXRetailer Setup Password

1 Open PXRetailer from the Android Desktop.

Pax Desktop

2 Before reaching the Welcome Screen, tap the "Setup" button at the bottom of the screen. Enter the default PXRetailer password. In most cases, the default password will be "pax12345". Consult your POS provider as some default passwords vary.

PXRetailer Setup

3 Tap/Select "Change Password".

setup menu

4 Enter the existing password, followed twice by the password you wish to replace it with. Once the password has been successfully updated, press "Exit" to return to PXRetailer.

Change password

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