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How to modify screen timeout on PAX terminals

PAX PIN pads may enter sleep mode or experience a screen timeout while the device is not actively in use, which could interrupt communication with the POS system. Follow the steps below to modify the screen timeout / sleep settings on PAX terminals:

1 Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. On some PAX devices (i.e. A30), you may need to swipe left from the right side of the screen.

2 Touch the back key twice.

A35 Welcome screen
Welcome screen on PAX A35
A30 Welcome Screen
Welcome screen on PAX A30

3 When prompted for the Back Desktop password type "pax9876@@". Touch "Enter".

Note: “123456” may work on some devices as passwords may vary. For EVO Snap devices, use “EVO72963687” for the password. 

Please Input password
Enter Back Desktop password

4 Click on settings from the Android Desktop. Enter PAX Desktop password

Pax Desktop
Android Desktop
Please Input password
Enter Back Desktop password

5 Click on Display > Screen timeout / Sleep. Choose your screen timeout preference.

Display > Sleep
Display > Screen timeout
PAX Sleep settings
Sleep settings
screen timeout
Screen timeout settings

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