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Applestone Solutions and Bingham’s Meats


Applestone and Bingham's Custom MeatsBingham’s Custom Meats is a family-owned butcher shop in Morgan, UT. Bingham’s Bacon Bombs, Bacon Kebabs and over 50 flavors of Brats sets them apart from your typical butcher shop.

Applestone Solutions offers a cloud-based, SaaS smart vending and automated retail solution designed to help businesses optimize their vending product mix, monitor inventory remotely, and stay on top of sales.

Datacap Systems develops processor and hardware-agnostic omnichannel payment solutions for any Point of Sale, regardless of system architecture.


Bingham’s sought a fresh food vending solution for their famous Bacon Bombs that would allow their bombs to remain fresh and expand their footprint into other market locations. So Bingham’s turned to Applestone and Datacap to deliver a branded smart vending solution.


Bingham’s Custom Meats uses Applestone’s customizable vending solution and Datacap’s DC Direct™ payment solution with the IM30 unattended payment device from PAX Technology.

Applestone’s smart vending solutions specialize in meeting the needs of perishable food merchants with item-level tracking, food safety features, variable price handling, and remote monitoring. Applestone kiosks also have fail-safe mechanisms that prevent machines from dispensing Bacon Bombs that are expired or that have reached an unsafe temperature.

DC Direct is a modern processor and hardware-agnostic payments solution where payment apps reside directly on payment devices. DC Direct is available across multiple hardware OEMs and is remotely configurable in both stand-alone and semi-integrated modes.


“The idea of a meat vending machine, or our products in a vending machine, is revolutionizing the meat industry. Other merchants are calling my office staff about how they can get our machines in their locations,” said Nathan Bingham, Founder, Bingham’s Custom Meats.

He continued, “Applestone was an obvious fit for us because they thought through all the pitfalls of meat vending. When other butchers ask me where to start with meat vending solutions, I point them in Applestone’s direction.”

“Our clients usually have an existing retail business and their own preferences for payment processing and hardware. Datacap’s flexibility allows us to offer solutions that our customers are familiar with.” said
Joshua Applestone, CEO, Applestone Solutions.

If you happen to find yourself in Morgan, UT, be sure to try one of Bingham’s famous Bacon Bombs and check out the latest in payments and vending technology!

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