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Guide to Touchless Payments

Now that consumers are expecting limited physical interaction at the Point of Sale, merchants will need to accommodate them via contactless/touchless payments support. Below are the steps you’ll need to take to make sure the consumer has the safest payment experience possible.

Ensure EMV Contactless is enabled

All Datacap products support EMV Contactless (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc and EMV Contactless enabled credit/debit cards), but some PIN pads may need to have the contactless settings enabled or turned on. We outlined how to do this for Ingenico PIN pads in another blog post. If you are unsure how to do this with the PIN pads that you are using, contact Datacap support.

The PIN pads listed below are capable of supporting EMV Contactless:

EMV Contactless
Apple Pay on iSC250

Disable Amount Confirmation

By default NETePay (dsiEMVUS) and TranCloud both prompt for the purchase amount to be confirmed on the PIN pad prior to a card being presented by either touching the PIN pad’s screen or keys depending on the device’s capabilities. ISVs have the option to skip this process by sending the elements on requests containing a value of “Disallow”. For more information see dsiEMVUS and TranCloud documentation for the EMVSale TranCode.

Disable Digital Signature Collection

Signatures are no longer required by the card brands (both physical and digital), so if you haven’t already disabled the collection of digital signatures, you can do so now by making the signature requirement a setting within your Point of Sale or by removing the GetSignature request in the Point of Sale XML sale requests (requires a code/logic change) until it is safe to collect digital signatures again. The signature line on the receipt can be ignored.

Turn off Debit and PIN based CVMs

Dealers can turn off debit and PIN based CVMs via PSCS,  so customers don’t have to touch the PIN pad to select applications or enter a PIN. “None” and “PIN and None” should only be selected if you are using unattended PIN pads such as the iUC 285 (None) and iSelf Series (PIN and None).

Signature CVM

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