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How Credit Card Processing Enables Great Customer Experiences

Consumers know technology adds convenience to their lives — and, now that they’re accustomed to that convenience, they’re never turning back. A digital, connected world allows people to shop whenever they want, schedule appointments online, order dinner for pickup or delivery according to their schedules, and access tax records or insurance policies through a web portal. Furthermore, consumers now take care of tasks on the fly that used to tie them to a desk or the kitchen table — when they aren’t at their PCs or laptops, they use their smartphones.

Convenient ways to pay for products and services are an integral part of creating the on-demand experiences consumers want. As a point of sale (POS) and payment solutions provider, you can equip your clients to deliver — or over deliver — on their customers’ expectations for convenience and fast, efficient payment experiences. Consider some of the ways that credit card processing solution features and functionality can improve CX:

  • E-commerce: When consumers are shopping or ordering online, your credit card processing partner can ensure quick, easy, and secure payments with just few clicks. Tokenization technology will remember the customer’s payment information, and leveraging Account Updater, customers never have to worry about updating card information — the payment provider can handle it automatically.

  • EMV: In-store, EMV chip card technology minimizes fraud. This technology creates a unique code for each transaction making cards nearly impossible to duplicate, and it lets consumers know the merchant is doing all they can to keep payment data secure.

  • Mobile wallets and contactless payments: Contactless payments use the same secure technology as EMV, but for small purchases, transactions take just seconds. Customers can just tap or hold their cards or smartphones within a few centimeters of the card reader and the transaction is complete.

  • Omnichannel payments: If your credit card processing partner and/or solutions provider delivers one solution that manages payments on all channels, it’s a great benefit to your merchant clients, but it also can enhance experiences for their customers. Customers can buy online and pick up orders in the store without having to present their payment cards again. Voids, returns, or payments are easier across channels, and consumers can also purchase gift cards or e-gift cards online and use them in physical locations.

  • Mobile POS: Integrating payments with mobile applications allows your clients to accept payments anywhere —whether they’re making a delivery to a customer’s home or completing a transaction on the sales floor so the customer doesn’t have to wait in line.

  • Pay at the table: The right payment solution can also enhance dining experiences by allowing your restaurant clients to settle checks, including tips, quickly and efficiently, right at the table. Guests will also feel more secure since their payment cards never leave their sight.

  • Gift /Loyalty: The right credit card processing partner can give merchants options to offer gift or stored value cards from multiple providers, which their customers can give as gifts and use seamlessly. The solution may make it easy for the consumer to check balances and to use the cards at multiple locations, providing added convenience. Loyalty programs enable merchants to connect directly with their customers by accruing points and custom-tailored offers which can be used toward discounted goods/services.

  • Checks and EBT: Regardless of a customer wants to pay, the right system can help grocery stores, convenience stores and other merchants provide quick, convenient service — and keep lines short.

Partnership with No Limits

Depending on the types of businesses your clients operate, they could benefit from most, if not all, of the enhanced customer experiences that a state-of-the-art credit card processing solution can provide.

A forward-thinking strategy when choosing a payments partner is to work with a company that allows you to use multiple payment processing platforms from a single integration. That will give your clients the freedom to create experiences that are the right fit for their business, their brand, and their customers.

Additionally, when you can give your clients the ability to manage payments from one platform, they can operate more efficiently and profitably. Perhaps more importantly, they will also have visibility into payments data from all channels, which can help them understand their clients better and tailor experiences to match even more closely to their customers’ preferences. Although customer loyalty is becoming rarer these days, consumers will return to do business with merchants that deliver the experiences they want. The right credit card processing solution can play a big role in making it happen.