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Worldpay (TCMP) Certificate Updates

In Q1, 2024 Worldpay TCMP (Lynk) will be moving to a new SSL certificate as their current solution via Digicert will expire. Their new certificate partner will be Sectigo which should be available in current Windows releases. For Tran users, we have built a new application to include the Sectigo SSL certificate. An application upgrade […]

PSCS Deployment Stages

DC Direct Staged – The deployment was built and is not associated with a DC Direct device serial number. Activated – The deployment was purchased and is associated to the DC Direct device serial number. Deactivated – The deployment was terminated and disassociated from current DC Direct device serial number. Deactivated deployments are not billable […]

EMV Parameter Download

Open Datacap’s EMVUSClient Test application and make sure “Tran EMV” radio button in the bottom right hand corner is selected (see screenshot below). Next, enter “Test” in the “Operator ID” field. Confirm that the com port of your PIN Pad matches the “Com Port” in the test application window…

License Expired

This message indicates one or more of the following factors relating to software or hardware license.