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Error 10050 PRM Fail, PRM ERR, LDR Fail or LDR ERR

This error eludes to a dead or down network. It usually occurs when the device is powered up without an Ethernet cable connected. A unit in this state will not have a red status light illuminated on the front of the Tran.


  • Double check that the unit has a good Ethernet cable connected to its Ethernet port (not MSR port which also uses a md8/rj45 connector. The MSR port is black plastic and the Ethernet port is metallic w/ leds and is also connected to the merchant’s network on the other side.)

  • Unplug power from the unit for about 10 seconds, then re-power the unit and wait for the red light to illuminate and the green light to appear dim or flashing very quickly. User should attempt another sale.

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