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Error 11001 PRM Fail, PRM ERR, LDR Fail or LDR ERR

The device or software attempted to resolve the hard-coded URL via DNS/Name server and a host was not found. The unit’s Ethernet cable may be connected to a switch/hub that is on a segment of the network or a separate network (such as a cash register LAN) which doesn’t have access to the internet or DHCP service may not be available on your network.


  • Please check that you are connected to the internet, visit a website you haven’t been to before to verify your computer isn’t just caching data from a site that you’ve already visited

  • Connect the device to a part of your network that has internet access and cycle its power.

  • The TwinTran™/IPTran™ needs service to acquire an IP address for itself along with the IP addresses for DNS servers. If DHCP is not enabled on your network, change the setting to enable DHCP and then cycle the power on the unit.

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