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7 Reasons Salons and Spas Need Industry-Specific Salon Point of Sale Systems

Salon Point of SaleSalons, spas, and other service businesses in the beauty industry are getting their own makeovers. The consumers’ changing behaviors and expectations that are driving changes in retail, grocery, quick service restaurants are also impacting this industry where delightful customer experiences have always been essential to success.

One significant change occurring in the beauty industry is a growing dependence on technology. Owners and operators are relying on salon point of sale (POS) systems to effectively manage their businesses and to meet — or exceed — customer demands for personalized service and omnichannel engagement. Salon point of sale systems also give managers the tools they need to operate efficiently and keep a close watch on revenues and profits.

Not all POS systems, however, are designed for the unique processes, operations, and mix of services and merchandise sales that salons and spas must manage. These businesses need salon point of sale systems with features that give managers and stylists the ability to turn appointments into customer-centric, loyalty-building experiences.

7 Essential Salon Point of Sale Features

  1. Appointment management: Customers don’t like to wait. Salon point of sale systems help prevent overbooking and provide more visibility into appointment lengths, so stylists, manicurists, aestheticians, and other professionals can promptly provide services and handle walk-ins. A POS system designed specifically for salons and spas can also automate appointment confirmations via email or text.

  2. Service and merchandise sales: Salons and spas sell a mix of products and services that their customers demand — which can include hairstyling, color, manicures, beauty products, accessories, and events like spa parties or makeovers for proms or weddings. Businesses need an efficient and accurate way to manage sales in all categories, account for taxable vs. non-taxable sales, and keep track of tips.

  3. Customer relationship management (CRM): Stylists can have hundreds of clients — and they all expect VIP treatment. The CRM module of a salon point of sale system provides a way to organize data on clients and the past services they’ve received. It also provides marketers with the ability to segment the marketing list to send relevant offers and promotions.

  4. Online booking and omnichannel payments: Consumers engage with merchants of all types on multiple channels. Salon and spa customers expect the same conveniences. Salon point of sale systems with integrated omnichannel payments can enable clients to make appointments online, prepay for services, order merchandise for pickup at the salon — and create consistent, seamless brand experiences as customers transition from one channel to another.

  5. Multiple merchant IDs for independent stylists: Salon and spa business models can include hiring employees or renting space to stylists and service providers. A point of sale system specifically designed for these businesses will give managers the ability to optimize use of space — and revenues — for either type of business. Salon POS systems will also support multiple merchant IDs so each stylist could have their own merchant services account, making bookkeeping easier when stylists rent booth space.

  6. Loyalty program: Salon point of sale systems include loyalty rewards program features so salons and spas can reward VIP clients for purchasing multiple services or reaching different tiers of purchase amounts. Loyalty programs don’t just enhance customer experiences — they also enhance revenues. Accenture research found that loyalty program members account for between 12 percent and 18 percent more incremental revenue growth than nonmembers.

  7. Insights from data and reporting: Salon point of sale systems also allow managers to easily track sales, profitability, inventory, schedules and performance toward goals like cross-selling and customer retention.

Salons Need Purpose-Built POS Software

Salons, spas, and other service-based businesses in the beauty industry don’t operate like any other type of business. A POS and payments system that other types of merchants use may work, but it won’t give them the edge that a purpose-built salon point of sale system does.

As a trusted advisor with your customers’ ROI and business success in mind, don’t provide your salon and spa clients with anything less than exactly what they need.

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