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Payment Trends to Watch in 2021

PopID Kiosk

Payment trends accelerated by the pandemic such as omnichannel, touchless and self-service will continue, and emerging trends such as biometric authentication, payment apps and artificial intelligence (AI) will pick up momentum.

Fact or Fiction? The Truth About the “Retail Store Apocalypse”

Retail Apocalypse Open

We’ve all heard the rumors: In-store retail is over. Online shopping is king. eCommerce spells the end for retail stores. Despite what you may have read in the media, retail is thriving. Physical stores currently account for almost 90 percent of all retail sales in North America, and that number is still predicted to be […]

7 Reasons Salons and Spas Need Industry-Specific Salon Point of Sale Systems

Salon Point of Sale

Salons, spas, and other service businesses in the beauty industry are getting their own makeovers. The consumers’ changing behaviors and expectations that are driving changes in retail, grocery, quick service restaurants are also impacting this industry where delightful customer experiences have always been essential to success. One significant change occurring in the beauty industry is […]

Must-Have Payment Features for Food Truck Businesses

Food trucks

Food truck businesses have carved out a profitable niche in the restaurant industry by taking great cuisine to their customers. Food trucks are a popular choice for people short on time who don’t want to compromise on taste or quality. Lunch or dinner at a food truck is convenient, delicious, and fast. Speed of service […]

A Profile of Holiday Omnichannel Shopping

Holiday Shopper on Phone

Creating customer experiences that delight shoppers is ordinarily an objective for retailers, but it reaches the status of “mission-critical” during the holiday shopping season. From November through early January, shoppers are out in force, looking for the merchandise they need for gift-giving and holiday events. To capture their share of this market, retailers offer specials […]

Modern Grocery Trends Require Modern Technology


Businesses in all verticals and niches are adapting to technology disruption, new industry trends, and changing consumer preferences. Businesses in the grocery industry, however, are evolving into models that few anticipated a decade or two ago.  Some have dine-in cafes. Others have added craft beer or wine shops. Some formats are growing larger, while others […]

How to Help Physicians Collect Healthcare Payments from Patients

Healthcare payments

Healthcare providers are facing monumental challenges. Healthcare organizations must address mounting regulatory requirements, finding ways to efficiently address data management, training, audits, and how they will respond if a data breaches or noncompliance issue occurs. They’re also dealing with technology disruption, which requires them to keep up with the latest innovations to provide the highest […]