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3 Growth Markets for Point of Sale ISVs and VARs

News Story Growth Markets

Three industries, cannabis, e-commerce, and automotive offer chances for VARs and ISVs who strategically adapt their point of sale solutions and services to capitalize upon these opportunities.

What car dealers look for in Point of Sale Systems

Auto dealership

Payment transactions at car dealerships run the gamut. The next customer through the door could bring a cashier’s check, a credit card, a mobile wallet, or documentation for dealer financing. A car dealer point of sale (POS) system and modern payment solution is the smart strategy to take care of business. Here are eight reasons […]

7 Reasons Salons and Spas Need Industry-Specific Salon Point of Sale Systems

Salon Point of Sale

Salons, spas, and other service businesses in the beauty industry are getting their own makeovers. The consumers’ changing behaviors and expectations that are driving changes in retail, grocery, quick service restaurants are also impacting this industry where delightful customer experiences have always been essential to success. One significant change occurring in the beauty industry is […]

Why Merchants Wish They Had Unattended Payment Solutions This Holiday Season

holiday kiosk

Kids (and some grownups) make wish lists of the things they’re hoping to receive for the holidays. If you’re a point of sale (POS) ISV or VAR, it’s important for you to recognize that another activity occurs during the holiday shopping season: Merchants make wish lists, too. Retailers and restaurant managers want things that allow […]

Reasons for the Migration to Unattended Parking Payment Systems

Municipalities and event venues work to avoid traffic gridlocks and delays — and a big part of the solution is parking. Drivers can bring the flow of traffic to a halt when searching for exact change while other vehicles block intersections inching into the payment queue. Moreover, commuters and event-goers won’t tolerate the delay when […]

Is it Time to Provide Solutions for a Cashless Society?


In 2018, for the first time, cash fell from its position as the most frequently used type of payment in the U.S. Cash use was down 4 percent from 2017, totaling 26 percent of transactions in 2018. Debit cards claimed the top spot, up 5 points to 28 percent. There are several factors that are […]

How Supporting All Processors Helps VARs and ISVs Compete Against Free POS

3 Benefits of Payment Processing

“Free POS” offers can be tempting to new business owners. Their budgets are usually tight, and they’re looking for the least expensive and easiest ways to get their new businesses off the ground. But as VARs and ISVs know all too well, “free POS” isn’t free. In fact, “free POS” is often defined by no […]