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NETePay Hosted Field Loader

Release log

For Ingenico Tetra devices, this version loads a new form called PAY1EX.K3Z.  This form is used when performing a GetMultipleChoice command.

The Datacap Field Loader (NETePay Hosted Field Loader) is designed to upgrade the version of UPP running on Ingenico Tetra PIN Pads already configured for use with Datacap solutions to the currently suggested version (v7.80.01 as of 01/06/2022).  We released the NETePay Hosted Field Loader to address stability issues identified in Ingenico’s UPP 5.08.05, 6.40.00, 6.60.00, 6.80.04 and 7.80.01.

The following Ingenico PIN pads are supported with the Datacap Field Loader:

How to Install the NETePay Hosted Field Loader

1 Download NETePay Hosted Field Loader from under the “Utilities / Diagnostics” section.

2 Double click the downloaded installer to run it.

3 If prompted “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” due to Windows User Account Control settings click “Yes”.

4 Click “Next”.

Install Wizard

5 Accept the license terms using the radio button and “Next”.

6 Click “Next”.

7 Click “Install”.

Ready to Install

8 Click “Yes” on the window below when prompted to restart.

How to use the Datacap Field Loader

1 Ensure your PC is connected to the internet and start Datacap Field Loader by double clicking its shortcut on the desktop or by clicking the shortcut in the “Software from Datacap” group of the star menu. You’ll see the window below.

2 Set “PC Comm Port” to the COM port number the device is connect to.

3 Set “Device connected by” to the type of Interface cable used to connect the device to the PC.

4 Click the button matching the device model being upgraded.

5 The status of the process will be displayed via a dialog and the device should reboot by itself twice. Upgrades over USB typically take between 10 and 15 minutes. When using a serial connection this could take upwards of an hour and a half.


6 Once the update completes you’ll be shown the following dialog, click “OK” and the device will reboot a final time and the upgrade is complete.

7 Be sure to perform an EMVParamDownload from the POS to reinitialize the device before use.

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