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Natural K9 Supplies is a group of pet lovers that simply enjoy making their customers and their dogs feel pleased. We understand that you want to provide your canine/ feline companion with the healthiest food for a long, happy life. This is why Natural K9 Supplies offers only the highest quality dog/cat products. Natural K9 Supplies only carries products that are beneficial to your pet’s health.

Datacap Systems develops processor and hardware-agnostic innovative integrated payment solutions for any Point of Sale, regardless of system architecture. Industry-standard payment solutions from Datacap are utilized by hundreds of POS applications in an array of vertical markets.


Frustrated by the limited functionality and workflow of non-integrated stand-beside bank payment terminals, Natural K9 set out to implement a secure and streamlined payment solution with multiple form factors to pair with their point of sale application. So, Natural K9 turned to Datacap.


Natural K9 utilizes Datacap’s TranCloud™ integrated payments hub alongside a variety of EMV-enabled PIN pads across multiple locations. Datacap’s universal hardware integration allows Natural K9 to swap PIN pads on the fly without requiring additional software development. More specifically, Natural K9 uses the iPP 320, the iSC Touch 250 and the iSC Touch 480 terminals from Ingenico Group.

Natural K9 Logo on Ingenico iSC Touch 480 PIN PadNatural K9’s updated checkout experience featuring Ingenico’s iSC Touch 480

After implementing Datacap’s payment solution, Natural K9 now has a reduced risk for fraud because they’ve opted to take advantage of security-centric payment features like tokenization, end-to-end encryption and EMV.

With a fully integrated solution in place, Natural K9 no longer has to manually reconcile sale/invoice data using a separate terminal or track sales data independently of their point of sale system. Natural K9 can now generate payment/sales reports automatically across all locations without worrying about human error skewing those reports.

In addition to interfacing with Datacap for electronic payments, Natural K9 also installed an AI application that detects counterfeit cash via their security cameras.  


Natural K9 hit the ground running with an improved customer experience, updated payment security, and streamlined reporting across various locations by pairing multiple EMV-ready PIN Pads from Ingenico Group and Datacap’s TranCloud payments hub.

“Customers are much happier with the new system. It looks professional and really ties our checkout experience to our brand” Said Yanessa Escandell, Marketing Coordinator at Natural K9 Supplies.

If you are looking to take care of your pet companions, be sure to shop at Natural K9 and check out the latest in payments technology!