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Encryption Errors

Encryption protects data in transit, securing the transaction from the card entry device to the backend processor. In order for encryption to work successfully, it needs to be configured correctly along the whole transaction path. If any one of these are “mismatched”, you’ll likely receive one of the errors listed below: *Check the Encryption Summary  […]

Encryption Summary

Through Datacap’s NETePay Hosted platform, a Universal End-to-End Encryption PAN key is available such that the same key can be used with any supported backend processor. But when using Datacap’s “classic” implementations, End-to-End Encryption is unique to each backend processor. When placing PIN pad orders at distribution for devices processing PIN-verified transactions, be sure to […]

Advantages of cross-platform tokens

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Cross-platform payment tokens protect payment data by replacing it with random characters, make PCI compliance easier, and make payment experiences easier, faster and more convenient.

Natural K9 Supplies

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Natural K9 supplies is a pet supply chain that focuses on pet’s well-being and prides itself on guiding pet parents to make the best decisions for their pets. Natural K9 Supplies sought to replace non-integrated bank terminals with a secure, custom, and streamlined checkout experience for their customers.

Cicis and Datapoint POS

Cicis is an American buffet restaurant chain based in Irving, Texas, specializing in pizza. Looking to accept EMV Chip cards & solve franchise and security compliance concerns, Cicis turned to Datapoint POS and Datacap to deliver an ideal payments solution.

Protecting mobile POS

As cybercrime continues to plague the retail sector, POS developers need to be aware of the gravest threats they face and how to best defend themselves.