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Datacap adds simple ecommerce integration for new and existing partners

Chalfont, PA – Datacap Systems, leading integrated payments provider, now provides a multi-processor ecommerce platform for Point of Sale integration partners. Leveraging Datacap’s industry-standard NETePay™ integration, POS providers can tie ecommerce transactions to new and existing brick and mortar installations or drive stand-alone ecommerce applications through a simple out-of-scope JavaScript tie-in.

Like Datacap’s in-store solutions, the new ecommerce functionality supports a variety of payment processors while insulating the merchant and Point of Sale provider from sensitive cardholder data. Cross platform tokens enable seamless processor changes and syncing of online and in-store payments.

“Datacap has been primarily focused on enhancing the payments experience for brick and mortar merchants by providing POS integration partners with reliable payments solutions supporting an industry-leading feature-set, says Justin Zeigler, Head of Product Strategy at Datacap Systems. “We’re excited to add a multi-processor, out-of-scope ecommerce solution so that our partners can offer a seamless omnichannel experience to their merchants with little to no development on their side.”


Start accepting ecommerce transactions today!