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Why a Usage Program?

 Money Cycle

Recurring revenue programs lead to higher profits, the ability to weather sales slow-downs, and for all the veteran business owners out there; optimized company equity. But, the dilemma that many businesses face with SaaS (Solution-as-a-Service) models is the obligation to supply a POS system and payments software/hardware upfront and assume the risk that the merchant may not make it through the payback period, leaving the dealer with used equipment and little to no income to show for it.

Datacap has implemented a variety of dealer-centric Solution as a Service programs with top-tier payment processors that provide on-going processing residual payments to Datacap integration partners and their associated dealer channels. These programs present a conduit for easy entry into a recurring payments sales model, without the upfront investment inherent in most SaaS initiatives. Datacap partners can earn recurring processing residuals from a variety of payment processors without the need to purchase payments-related hardware or software. Custom SaaS/HaaS programs are available from Datacap directly for our POS Integration partners and their respective dealer channels. 

Furthermore, SaaS initiatives involving bundled POS peripherals and payments create recurring revenue streams while considerably lowering the cost of the complete POS package. Ideal for POS providers with a “pay-as-you-go” model, solutions from Datacap have the unique ability to remotely disable not only integrated payments, but the POS peripherals  (cash drawer, printer, etc) in the event of contract termination or non-payment. This mitigates the risk associated with providing POS peripheral hardware as part of a bundled offering. With Datacap, mPOS providers can rest easy knowing that their POS application cannot be easily replaced by a competitor without a complete POS hardware swap.

 Recurring Revenue Infographic