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How to Download Liability Reports

Datacap Gift provides full transparency to its partners and their merchants. While Liability Reports are often gated to prevent migration, Datacap Gift offers free Liability Reports in real-time.

Liability Reports provide a listing of all active Gift Card accounts (i.e. gift cards with a balance) and their associated dollar value. Via Datacap’s Reportal, a variety of useful reports are available. But due to some Microsoft Excel quirks, downloading these files can result in some strangely formatted (or truncated) account numbers. See below for instructions to access and download Liability Reports. 

Pull and Download a Liability Report

1 Go to and login to your account.

2 Select “Single Location Stored Value Current Liability” from the Reporting options in the left Navigation Bar.

Nav Bar

3 Account Numbers and their associated values will populate. Select “Download Results” at the bottom of the page. Save the CSV file.

4 Open a new Excel Workbook.

5 In the blank workbook, go to the “Data” tab and select “From Text” in the “Get External Data” section.

From Text

6 Select the downloaded Liability file to import and complete the Text Import Wizard.

Select file in Windows

7 In Text Import Wizard dialog box:

1. Click “Next”

Text Wizard Next

2. Uncheck “Tab” Delimiter; Check Comma” Delimiter

Text Import Wizard Step 2

3. Select “Text” Column data format and “Finish”

Text Import Wizard 3

4. Select “OK” to Import Data

8 Save your excel file.

Example Excel File of Liability Report

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