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Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are initiatives businesses frequently use that reward frequent customers for their patronage, while often incentivizing them to buy more. In order to make use of loyalty program benefits – which can include discounts, rebates, free products or exclusive offerings, among others – customers traditionally must sign up for them, supplying their contact information, such as their name, email, and mailing address.

There are several types of loyalty programs, with discounts being among the most common. For example, when customers purchase a predetermined amount of goods and services over a given period – usually a year – they may receive a certain percentage off with each purchase they make. Members of loyalty programs will frequently receive some form of identification that recognizes them as such, be it a number or a card. Grocery stores, toy merchandisers, pet supply companies, clothing retailers, restaurateurs, e-commerce organizations and coffee shops are among those that provide loyalty perks to their regularly returning customers.