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Help your merchants cut costs with
Datacap’s Payment Fee Suite

After the challenges of the pandemic, recent labor shortages and growing economic uncertainty, merchants are looking to cut costs wherever possible. One cost-cutting method that’s gaining traction among many merchants is the migration of card processing costs from the merchant to the cardholder via a series of fee-based processing methods. Examples include the addition of a surcharge on applicable credit card transactions, a discount applied specifically to cash transactions, or a general fee-based program that can be applied in a variety of scenarios. However, most merchants aren’t aware of all the nuances and requirements that accompany these types of fee-structures/programs that can lead to frustrating consumer experiences or card brand fines.

Click below to download a FREE whitepaper about Datacap’s Payment Fee Suite to help determine which option(s) make the most sense for your clients:

  • Compliant Surcharge with Lookup

  • Payment Fee / Split Fee Funding

  • Configurable Dual/Multi-Pricing 

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