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Contactless Payments with Datacap

NFC Contactless

All Datacap products support EMV Contactless (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc and EMV Contactless enabled credit/debit cards)

No Signatures Required

Signatures are no longer required by the card brands (both physical and digital). Datacap's payment solutions allow developers to enable/disable signatures on signature capture PIN pads


Add eCommerce support with Datacap's Pay API to help your customers consolidate batching and reporting for online, in-app and in-store payments to help your merchants transition to takeout and delivery

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All Processors

Instant Device Compatibility


Security-Centric Payments

We build industry-standard payment solutions for Point of Sale providers to meet the needs of merchants in any market. Security-centric solutions for virtually all processing platforms route through dozens of pre-certified devices from leading OEMs – all via a universal payments integration, empowering merchants to create a unified payments experience across brick and mortar, online, mobile and unattended applications.

Check out our Guide to Touchless Payments

Now that consumers are expecting limited physical interaction at the Point of Sale, merchants will need to accommodate them via contactless/touchless payments support. Check out our Touchless Payments Guide to help support this initiative.