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Why Every Merchant Needs Multiple Point of Sale Device Options

devicesThe last decade has seen an incredible evolution of the modern point of sale device, well beyond the first cash registers and point of sale (POS) devices of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Today’s systems are increasingly sophisticated, integrating front and back-office operations and connecting business owners with more customer data than ever before. Competitive merchants serious about adapting to new consumer behaviors are likely in the process of upgrading point of sale devices to provide in-demand experiences – far beyond what terminal POS systems of bygone eras can support alone.

Many modern operations use multiple point of sale devices for enhanced operational efficiency and customer engagement. Make sure your ISV or VAR business provides or supports using these types of POS technologies.


Mobile POS is a point of sale device option that no merchant should be without – especially considering that a study by Juniper Research found that mobile POS devices will likely represent 25 percent of POS transactions by 2023. In a world that conditions consumers for instant gratification, customers expect to pay precisely when they are ready. Long waits for a server to cash out a restaurant tab via a stationary terminal or standing in lengthy shopping lines are factors that negatively impact a consumer’s decision to purchase from a merchant again.

Mobile point of sale devices integrated with an integrated card reader can enable merchants to accept payments anywhere. With the increased adoption of curbside orders and pickup, as well as buy online pickup in store (BOPIS), a mobile POS device is vital to providing check-out services that meet busy consumers’ expectations.

Unattended / Kiosks

Self-service is a must for many types of businesses, including quick service restaurants, grocery stores, and big box stores. Merchants serious about operating competitively are adding kiosks to their point of sale device options. First, kiosks enhance customer experiences with speed and convenience. Additionally, studies show that self-service kiosks can increase the average check size by 20 percent. Kiosks also help improve employee productivity by automating tasks like taking orders and payments. Managers can then reassign employees to higher-value tasks. Last but not least, kiosks can accept a variety of alternative payment options that may not be available on other point of sale devices, including:

  • Facial Recognition: Millennials and Generation Z have grown up taking pictures of themselves. Kiosks can be integrated with facial recognition technology that processes payment instantly with a successful scan.
  • QR Code Payments: With QR code payments, the consumer can access a payment page by scanning a code on the screen or printed receipt.
  • Text-to-Pay Solutions: The kiosk can send a code to the customer’s smartphone for payment to decrease payment friction

Fixed Payment Terminals

Payment terminals are still a relevant option and can be ideal for many stores and restaurants. These point of sale devices are used primarily on the counter for card-present transactions. Merchants should, however, consider expanding terminal options for a variety of modern use cases consumers have come to expect, including:

  • NFC (near-field communication) contactless payment processing for mobile wallets and contactless credit cards
  • EMV card reader and PIN pad to increase data security for both customer and merchant
  • Mobile terminals that can move easily from a pop-up store to an extra counter during the holidays

Fixed Payment Terminals

The ability to turn any internet-connected device into a point of sale device is an attractive option for merchants who receive a large volume of phone orders or experience seasonal increases. Payments providers like Datacap offer a Virtual Terminal solution to help merchants easily accept payments anywhere, even for card-not-present transactions, without locking the merchant into managing dedicated point of sale devices when a smartphone or laptop can suffice.

Omnichannel Payments Solutions Enhance Using Any Point of Sale Device

In addition to using multiple point of sale devices, merchants need payment solutions that work seamlessly on all of them. Provide your clients with total solutions that allow them to grow business and deliver a superior customer experience by partnering with a payments company that provides comprehensive omnichannel payment solutions.

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