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How to setup Datacap’s Virtual Terminal

Datacap’s stand-beside Virtual Terminal allows merchants to process card-not-present transactions over the phone (MOTO) via NETePay Hosted™. Here’s how to setup Datacap’s Virtual Terminal for your merchants. 

Once you have your Datacap Merchant ID (from PSCS or Datacap confirmation e-mail), you can start processing transactions with the Virtual Terminal.

Open Virtual Terminal

1 Log into Datacap's Reporting Dashboard.

Reporting Dashboard

2 From the Reporting Dashboard sidebar, expand the "Gateway" tab and select the Virtual Terminal option.

3 Select your pre-configured merchant id from the dropdown.


4 Start processing manual credit, gift or ACH payments.

Print Receipts from Virtual Terminal

1 From the "Responses" section under the Virtual Terminal, click on "Sale Receipt".

Print Receipt

2 Click "Print".

Print Screen 2
Print Window
Corresponding print window

View Reports

Navigate to the “Transactions” section of the Reporting Dashboard to view reports.

Transaction Summary in Datacap's Reportal dashboard

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