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64% of retailers don’t have a Point of Sale system

When our friends over at Software Advice sent us the infographic below, we were taken aback by some of their findings. Probably the most telling of which is that today, 64% of retailers have no Point of Sale system in place. This is a bit staggering considering the added complexity that industry standards like PCI compliance and now US EMV implementation put on merchants, but really speaks to the huge opportunity in the industry today for POS providers.

With available features like mobility for line-busting and pay-at-the-table, along with integrated payments, loyalty and reporting that greatly simplify the day-to-day procedures for merchants, a Point of Sale system should be an easy sell for ISVs/VARs.

Check out the full Infographic below, released by Software Advice, a site where businesses can see comparisons of mobile POS (mPOS) systems. 

Point of Sale Infographic