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Verifone P200 - Serial Connection

What do I need to connect the P200?

  • Verifone P200

  • Verifone P200 serial cable

  • Verifone P200 power supply

  • Included serial cable adaptor

  • Included TranCloud power supply


1.)  Plug included Serial Cable Adaptor into MSR/PIN Pad port on TranCloud.

Do not use the ECR/AUX Port.

Serial Adaptor Cable

2.)  Plug P200 serial cable into serial cable adaptor connected to TranCloud.

Serial Cables

3.)  Connect P200 power supply to 120V power outlet and to the back of the P200 serial cable.

P200 will turn on once it’s connected to power.

Power Supply

4.)  Connect TranCloud to 120V power outlet using included TranCloud power supply.

5.) Press the “1”, “5”, and “9” keys at the same time to open settings.

P400 Settings

6.) Select “Control Panel” (scroll up/down by using the Direction Pad).

Direction Pad
Direction Pad on P200
P400 Control Panel

7.) Select “Sysmode” .


8.) Select “supervisor”.

Supervisor P400

9.) Type the supervisor password and press the “Enter (green)” key.
This password can vary.

  • “1111111” 
  • “1166832” 
  • “1668321”
  • “1686321”
P400 password

10.) Select “Administration”.


11.) Select “Config Editor”.

Admin Menu P400

12.) Select “config.usr1”.


13.) Select “sacom” by touching its current value.

Saucom Serial

14.) Select “Modify”.


15.) Type “COM1” (To cycle through lower case, upper case, and number press the “#” key).


16.) Press the “Enter (green)” key.

17.) Select “sabaud” by touching its current value (scroll down if needed by dragging your finger upward).

18.) Select “Modify”.

19.) Type “115200” (To cycle through lower case, upper case, and number press the “#” key).


20.) Press the “Enter (green)” key.

21.) Press the “Cancel (red)” key 3 times to reach the Main menu.

22.) Select “Exit”.

23.) Select “Reboot”.