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TranCloud Setup - Pax IM30 - Ethernet

What do you need to connect the Pax IM30 via Ethernet?

  • Configured network and router
  • Network name and password
  • Pax IM30 configured with Datacap keys and the appropriate Datacap ECN
  • Ethernet cable(s)
  • TranCloud Unit (connected from step 1)
  • TranCloud power supply (from step 1)

Connect Ethernet cable

1 Connect an Ethernet cable to the IM30's back plate LAN port and to your network.

If using DHCP,  no further device setup required (Ethernet w/ DHCP is enabled by default); proceed to step 3 of TranCloud set-up.

If using Static, continue to the next steps below. 

Access Android Desktop

1 Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

2 Touch the back key twice.

Back Arrow

3 When prompted for Back Desktop password type "pax9876@@". Touch "Enter".

Back Desktop

Connect to Ethernet

1 From the Android Desktop, touch "Settings".

Pax Desktop

2 When prompted for password, type"pax9876@@". Touch "OK".

Please Input password

3 Touch "Network & Internet" > "Ethernet" > "Ethernet IP Mode".


4 Select "Static".

Enter the values for the following:

  • IP address
  • Gateway
  • Network prefix length (this is your subnet mask in CIDR notation)
  • DNS 1
  • DNS 2

5 Touch "Connect".

6 Touch the home button to return to Android Desktop.

7 Touch "PXRetailer" to return to Welcome Screen.

Pax Desktop