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What to do regarding Global’s upcoming certificate changes

What changes are taking place?

Global Payments is updating their SSL root certificates from DigiCert to Entrust.

When is Global making the changes?

Global Payments will make certificate changes on the following dates*:

  • August 19, 2020
  • September 16, 2020

*dates are subject to change at Global’s discretion

What do I need to do?

For PC-based systems (NETePay™), certificates are regularly added via Windows updates. If your PC doesn’t have the Entrust certificate, you can download it here (see Entrust Root Certification Authority – G2).

But embedded solutions (Tran™ Series) require manual intervention in order to avoid service disruption. Datacap has updated all Global Tran applications to support the updated Entrust certificate. Depending on the age of your application, updates may be required.

Which Tran™ versions are affected?

Version 3.83.83 and above installed after 8/14/2018:

  • No Action Required


Version 3.83.83 installed prior to 8/14/2018:

  • Re-load Tran application either via POS command or Datacap’s Tran Management software. For terminal-based applications, be sure to close any open batches prior to re-load.


Versions below 3.83.83:

Upgrade to the latest Tran app version via PSCS™. (Standard upgrade rates apply for purchased applications).

Contact Datacap support with any questions or if you need assistance upgrading applications via PSCS.

Still need help?

How can we help?

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