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Shared Token Groups

Through Datacap’s NETePay Hosted platform, merchants can take advantage of processor-agnostic omnichannel tokens. Tokens are used to pair a customer with their payment information without requiring access to the actual sensitive credit card data. This allows for simplified one-click checkouts for online shopping carts, easier after-sale adjustments, as well as a safer way to implement recurring payments for monthly subscription services.

Processor-agnostic omnichannel tokens are flexible in that they operate across multiple avenues; a customer can pay with a card online and then make a return or adjustment in-store without having to re-present their card. This functionality operates in both directions and is conducive for BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store), Curbside, and shifting to recurring payments.

For multi-store operators or franchises, Datacap’s NETePay Hosted platform can group individual merchants together such that tokens can be shared across all stores. See below for instructions on how to create Token Sharing Groups.

First Location

When building a NETePay Hosted Deployment, the below option is presented in PSCS.

1 Click “Use merchant name” to auto-fill the pre-entered DBA. Edit the auto-filled text if you’d prefer a more descriptive title that better applies to all grouped locations .

2 Complete the file build.

Second Location

When building a NETePay Hosted Deployment, the same option will be presented, but now with an available dropdown of previously entered values.

Second Location

To include the Second Location in the same Token Sharing Group as the First Location, select the matching Shared Token Type Name from the dropdown options.

Any Deployments with a matching Shared Token Type Name will be able to share tokens across stores regardless of where they originated from.

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